Thursday, September 25, 2003

Over 20,000 expected at Persian Mehregan Festival in Costa Mesa

The 8th annual Mehregan festival will be held Oct 4 – 5 at the Orange County Fair& Exposition Center in Costa Mesa, California.

“The ancient Persian Goddess Mehr, the spirit of love, knowledge and commitment, would be honored by attending the annual Mehregan (pronounced ‘meh-re-gahn’), the Persian Festival of Autumn. This two-day outdoor family event celebrating nature and the seasons, envelopes you in the many aspects of Persian culture from exhibits, art, pop and traditional music, and folk dance to crafts, ancient sports, live performances, movies, children's activities and exotic food. Held at the Orange County Fair & Exposition in Costa Mesa, this event grows more popular each year and now hosts over 20,000 visitors. Over 100 vendor booths sell everything from intricate Persian rugs to modern art.”

“This year, the attendees will experience a special opening ceremony show celebrating the country's ancient Sassanian Dynasty (AD 224-651) in a play on the main stage with actors dressed in Sassanian-era costumes.”

I wish it was just a month later as I will be attending the 2003 Educause Conference in Orange County Nov 3 – 8! Maybe I can still see some museum exhibits about the ancient Persians when I am there.