Thursday, February 12, 2004

1580 Copy of Book of Saints Found in Russia

"A biography of saints published in 1580, presumably issued by first Russian publisher Ivan Fedorov, has been found in Ufa.
The volume is one of first ten books issued by the ancient publisher. No such rarities exist in any of the museum collection in Bashkortostan.

The book that is in a very good condition has survived to the present day in an attic of an old house. The book still has a bronze pin left intact, while the book cover has a single minor crack only. The book is printed in the Greek and old Slav languages on watermark paper. The book produces a strong impression given its unique editor's culture, an excellent two- colour filigree print and a high level of its drawings.

The house where the rare book was found had once been owned by Dean of the Voskeresensky cathedral, rector of the Ufa Seminary Evgraf Yevarestov, who was killed by Bolsheviks during the 1917-1918 revolution in Russia. "