Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Greeks defend ancient nudes from TV prudes

Herald Sun: "US viewers' complaints that the Athens Olympics opening ceremony featured lewd nudity have infuriated 2004 Games chief Gianna Angelopoulos.

She has warned American regulators to back off from policing ancient Greek culture.

"Greece does not wish to be drawn into an American culture war. Yet that is exactly what is happening," she said.

Complaints focused on a parade of actors portraying naked statues.

Among them were the satyr and the nude male statues, kouroi, both emblems of ancient Greece's golden age.

"As Americans surely are aware, there is great hostility in the world today to cultural domination in which a single value system created elsewhere diminishes and degrades local cultures," she said in her commentary.

"In this context, it is astonishingly unwise for an agency of the US government to engage in an investigation that could label a presentation of the Greek origins of civilisation as unfit for television viewing."