Monday, February 07, 2005

Five ancient game pieces discovered among artifacts illegally excavated in Jiroft

MehrnewsArchaeologists have identified five stone game pieces among the artifacts excavated by smugglers at the site of ancient Jiroft, the director of the archaeological team working on Jiroft and the Halil-Rud River cultural area announced.

"Three of the game pieces were made in the shapes of eagles, one of them is in the shape of a scorpion with a man?s head, and the other is a flat surface. All have 12 to 20 holes in them, with an equal number of holes on either side," added Yusef Majidzadeh.

"It is not clear how the people played the games, but their shapes and the holes in equal numbers indicate that the pieces were for a game like backgammon," he said.

The objects indicate that the people of the region had entertainment perhaps as far back as 5000 years ago.