Saturday, May 26, 2007

First Intermediate Period Tomb Discovered

An ancient Egyptian tomb has been unearthed by Belgian archaeologists intact.

The tomb, which lies at Dier Al Barsha, near Minya in the Nile Valley, is thought to around 4,000-years-old and belonged to a high-ranking official.

Around 200 miles south of Cairo, the complete tomb contains wooden statues depicting workers carrying out tasks like making beer, manufacturing bricks, grinding cereal and rowing boats.

Belonging to a man named Henu, a supervisor of religious affairs and estate manager, experts are now examining the tomb and its contents, including the remains of the tomb owner.

The team from Leuven Catholic University reportedly uncovered the tomb by accident and it is one of the best preserved burial places from the first intermediate period (2181 to 2050 BC) ever found.