Saturday, January 03, 2009

18th century shipwreck unearted in Argentina

It looks like a construction crew in Argentina stumbled across the remains of a Spanish ship from the 18th century:

"Workers digging to lay the foundation of a luxury apartment complex in Argentina uncovered a Spanish ship believed to be from the 18th century.

It was found in Buenos Aires' upscale Puerto Madero neighborhood, on the banks of the Plata River. The area used to be the city's old port, but was eventually filled in and developed.

Urban archaeologist Marcelo Weissel says it probably dates back to 1750 or earlier. But he says it likely does not contain any treasure, beyond its archaeological value."

Apparently, archaeologists plan to excavate the wreck then reconstruct the ship for a museum display.

[Image - A frigate being constructed on a slipway by the Marquis of La Victoria. Cádiz, 1719-1756]