Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bulgarian treasures to travel to Quirinale Palace in Rome

President Parvanov Presents Bulgaria's Treasures in Italy: "Bulgaria's President Georgi Parvanov along with his Italian counterpart Carlo Azeglio Ciampi will inaugurate on February 14 the exhibition 'Bulgaria's Treasures' in Rome.

The exhibition, showing archeological findings unearthed in Bulgarian lands includes the latest Thracian gold artifacts, will be showed at the Quirinale Palace in Rome

The precious collection includes golden wreath, ring, golden rhytons with the shape of a dear's head and a knee-piece lavishly decorated. These artifacts were found in July in Bulgaria. They were found in the grave of an ancient ruler, believed to be a Thracian king, near the village of Zlatinitsa. The archaeologists discovered 50 gold, silver and bronze funeral gifts. The astounding find dates back to 4th century BC and is believed to be the richest of its kind discovered so far in Bulgaria.

Italy will also see the amazing gold mask believed to portray King Sevt III, whose vault was found by Bulgarian archaeologists in 2004. The unique ring that belonged to Bulgaria's ruler Kaloyan and other precious findings, which have not been shown abroad, are also among the exhibits."