Sunday, December 24, 2006

106 Sassanid Ossuary Tombs Discovered in Khark Island

Soudabeh Sadigh:
- Archeological excavations in the Persian Gulf Island of Khark led into discovery of 106 ossuary tombs dating back to the Sassanid dynastic era (224-651 AD) dug into a cliff.

"Ossuary tombs are graves which were used during the Sassanid dynastic period. We succeeded in identifying 106 ossuaries in Khark Island in the heart of a giant cliff. Discovery of large numbers of ossuary tombs indicates that this rock cliff was used as a cemetery 1700 years ago," said Hamid Zarei, head of archeology team in Khark Island to CHN.

The people of the Sassanid period used to dig holes in the rocks in which they placed remaining skeletons of their deceased. According to Zarei, in the newly discovered tombs, the corps was buried in an east-west direction, the reason of which is not known yet.

Regarding other discoveries in Khark Island, Zarei explained: "The archeology team has discovered a big cistern 12 meters in length and 3 meters in width which was dug in a cliff. A big aqueduct dating back to the Sassanid era which is 19 meters in depth has also been found in this area."