Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sacrificial altars plentiful among National Museum antiquities - Yemen Times

By: Abdulaziz Al-Jendari For the Yemen Times:
Sacrificial altars associated with Yemen?s ancient religion used to worship the sun, moon and the goddess Venus are abundant at the National Museum. Their Republican Guard recently discovered seven important antiquities, including several altar tables.

Such tables were used during religious rituals in ancient Yemeni temples to slaughter sacrifices, as well as offer water and milk in an attempt to get closer to a god or goddess.

The recently discovered antiquities are rectangular and square-shaped altars with smooth bases. On one side is a bull?s head, which several researchers believe is a symbol for the Moon Goddess in ancient Yemeni religion because the bull?s horns are crescent-shaped, which is one of the moon?s phases.

Its sculptors took the bull?s strength as a symbol of fertility.

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