Friday, May 16, 2008

Greek Chic

Finally, it looks like Greek fashion that lends elegance and femininity to the human form is making a come-back! I have been so tired of the trampy look favored by students on so many college campuses I was considering coming to work dressed for a "toga party" to demonstrate how flattering fashions from the ancient world could be!

"It has travelled all the way from the shores of the Aegean sea... and the portals of time. The flowing, graceful robes worn by the Ancient Greeks and their Goddesses are inspiring the current fashion scene.

It's a look that is all about elegance and femininity.

All the top designers have gone overboard for the look that adorned the curves of Aphrodite, the love goddess who rose from the waves.

Stunning Greek-inspired gowns by Versace, Alberta Ferretti and the label everyone who is anyone is currently going crazy over, Marchesa, have graced the A-listers on many a red carpet in recent months."