Friday, March 04, 2005

Bulgarian Archaeologists Search for Thracian King's Body

I was very excited to read that Thracian artifacts discovered in the excavation at the Goliamata Kosmatka tomb are going to be featured in a traveling exhibit beginning next year. I will have to keep tabs on this development to see where the exhibit site nearest to my home will be.

Sofia News Agency: "Bulgarian archaeologists are attempting to find the body of the ancient Thracian king Seutus III. The archaeologists will search for the king's remains at the Goliamata Kosmatka tomb, where they found a bronze helmet with a sign reading that it has belonged to the ancient king.

The Goliamata Kosmatka finds will be exhibited in full in the National Museum of History in Sofia. After 2006 it is expected to start its journey in the museums worldwide. There have been invitations from the US, Japan, Spain, France and South Korea, archaeologist Georgi Kitov said."