Friday, March 04, 2005

Unique column bases of Palace of Cyrus unearthed in Charkhab

Unique column bases of Palace of Cyrus unearthed in Charkhab"Archaeologists have excavated three column bases with wonderfully unique masonry at the Palace of Cyrus the Great in Charkhab near Borazjan in Iran?s southern province of Bushehr, the director of the Iranian archaeological team working in the region announced on Saturday.

"The bases are from three of the four columns, which were located at the main gate of the palace. Archaeologists have not yet found the fourth one,"Ali-Akbar Sarfaraz added.

"The bases were made using the same black and white stones which were used in the main hall of the palace, but artistically they are very similar to the bases of Pasargadae.

"It is no exaggeration to say that the bases are unique and unparalleled in the art of masonry. They have been so finely crafted that you think of lathe workshops or plasterworks," Sarfaraz said.

The skill and sense of aesthetics used to make the bases has surprised experts, making them wonder what artists with what tools cut the stones in such a way that has never been seen, even in Persepolis, the main capital of the Achaemenids, he added.