Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Darius bas relief, Babylonian inscription unearthed in Bushehr

Mehr News"An inscription written in neo-Babylonian as well as a bas relief of Darius the Great have been unearthed at the Darius Palace in Dashtestan in Iran?s southern province of Bushehr, an official of the Bushehr Cultural Heritage and Tourism Department said.

The archaeological team began the excavations in early winter under the supervision of Iranian expert Dr. Ehsan Yaqmaii, whose team had discovered the Darius Palace, also known as the Bardak Siah Palace, in 1978. Like Apadana in Persepolis, the palace had 36 columns. Sixteen bases of the columns were unearthed during the first phase of the excavations. Each column rose to nearly 20 to 23 meters. At the top of the columns were capitals decorated with the images of eagles and lions. Pieces of the capitals, including eyes, wings, fangs, and snouts, have been discovered during previous excavations."