Thursday, May 11, 2006

Jamestown well is ''a virtual time capsule,'' "Archaeologists digging in what may be Capt. John Smith?s well at Jamestown have found seeds, insects, bones and artifacts that will shed light on the environmental conditions and culture of 400 years ago.

The items are well-preserved because they were found below the water table, which protected them from contact with air. The well is a virtual time capsule, according to archaeologists at Historic Jamestowne.

A child?s leather shoe, surgical tools, buttons, untarnished copper, nuts and seeds, including a tobacco seed, have been unearthed. Above the water level, a German jug, weapons, ceramics, beads and large quantities of butchered animal bones and seafood remains have been found. Items include clam, mussel and scallop shells; fish bones; dorsal plates from Atlantic sturgeons ; crab claws; and barnacles."

I'm sorry I didn't have time to explore Jamestown when I visited Williamsburg several years ago.