Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Museum boss held for stealing riches of Croesus

World - Times Online: "The director of a Turkish state museum has been arrested over an alleged plot to steal the riches of Croesus and substitute the golden treasure for fakes.

Kazim Akbiyikoglu, the head of the Usak museum in western Turkey, was among nine people to be held after several ancient artefacts were found to have been switched for counterfeit copies.

A golden brooch in the shape of a winged seahorse and a golden coin are among the pieces found to have been swapped for fakes, according to Atilla Koc, the Turkish Tourism Minister.

Stories of the fabulous wealth of the king of Lydia in what is now western Turkey during the 6th Century BC have bequeathed the phrase 'as rich as Croesus'. Croesus was believed to be the first king to order coins to be minted as money, using the gold from his mines and panned from the sands of the River Pactolus."