Thursday, May 18, 2006

Susa Park Museum reopens

CHN | News: "On the occasion of World Museum Day, Susa Park Museum will be inaugurated as the largest museum of Khuzestan province. This way the Susa Museum will be re-opened after more than two decades.

?The park of Susa Museum has been established in a 3-hectare area in the vicinity of the museum. Some historical relics unearthed during different archeological excavations in Susa historical site such as stone pillars belonging to the Achaemenid era, stone and clay objects, and many more which had been forgotten for many years will be displayed in this park museum,? said Reza Chenani, director of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Department of the city of Susa.

Increasing the security system of the museum and setting the articles in chronological order are some measures taken by the Cultural Heritage Department of Susa. ?One of the major problems we had with the Susa Museum in the past was that its objects were not organized in a chronological order; therefore the visitors could not get a sense of time and trace the changes in the styles of these objects. In the new decoration we have tired to set them in sequential order from the pre-historic to the Elamite and Sassanid periods,? added Chenani. "