Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Three Pre-Islamic Cemeteries Discovered in Hormozgan

CHN News: "Discovery of three huge pre-Islamic cemeteries in Bastak historical site in Hormozgan province faced archeologists with new questions about different burial methods in ancient Persia. While most of the burials used to be done in the mountains and cliffs during the pre-Islamic especially the Sassanid era, earth burials are used in these new discovered cemeteries which also date back to the Sassanid era. Considering that this new burial method is in odds with other methods used during the ancient times, archeologists are trying to learn more about the tradition of the people during that time.

?Discovery of these three pre-Islamic cemeteries is one of our most important achievements during this season of excavation. Prior to this, such similar method of earth burial was discovered in Fars province in area no. 88 of Bolaghi Gorge and also in Rahmat Mountain in Persepolis. Based on the evidence such as the surface clays and the method of construction of these graves, the cemeteries must have belonged to the pre-Islamic and most probably early Sassanid era. Each of these cemeteries covers an area of 15 hectares,? said Ali Asadi, head of archeological team in Bastak city. "
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