Thursday, June 27, 2013

All About History magazine new release from Imagine Publishing

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I received an email about a new history magazine from Imagine Publishing entitled "All About History".  The publisher points out that this new magazine will provide a "dynamic alternative" to the more dry, academic approach of other history-themed magazines currently available.

Editor in Chief Dave Harfield said no other magazine on the market takes such an accessible and entertaining approach to the past. "History is rich, diverse and fascinating and that’s exactly what we strive to reflect in this new launch; well-crafted stories filled with accurate, well-researched fact and expert opinions.”

I took a quick look at the first issue and it includes a wide variety of subjects from a day with Lincoln to gamechanging events dating all the way back to ancient Greece.  So its scope appears to be quite broad.  

It's "heroes and villains" department sounds promising and offers up Rasputin as the first in the lineup.  Its "Eye Witness" department also looks interesting.  They begin with the JFK assassination but hopefully they will be able to dig up eye witness accounts from less publicized events as the publishing year progresses.

The magazine is available in digital format from Amazon.
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