Sunday, March 22, 2015

Acorn TV to feature "World War One: The People's Story"

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Today I received an email about the upcoming release of "World War One: The People's Story".  The documentary aired in the UK last August and will now be released on DVD on April 14, 2015. It will also be available on Acorn TV, the British streaming service available on Roku devices, iPads and iPhones, smart Samsung TVs or through your web browser on your computer.

Through original diaries, letters, and memoirs, this unforgettable documentary tells how the lives of regular British men and women were transformed by the Great War. A reservist leaves for the front determined to write to his mother every few days. A newlywed says goodbye to his pregnant wife. A young woman fears that when her fiancĂ© sails for France, her hopes of marriage will disappear. For parents and children, soldiers and factory workers alike, life and love go on but never again as they did before. Few could imagine the horrors ahead: hundreds of thousands would never return, and those who did would carry wounds—physical, emotional, psychological—that would change their lives forever.

Along with historical footage, an outstanding cast of actors reenact first-hand accounts uncovered from attics, archives, and libraries across Britain. Narrated by Olivia Colman, this four-part series re-creates the extraordinary stories of ordinary people, told in their own words.

The DVD includes a 12-page viewer’s guide with a map of the western front; an overview of WWI; and articles on trench warfare, the suffragist movement, and the WWI poets.
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