Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Illustrations of Ancient Egypt by Herbert M. Herget

Recently, I illustrated an ancient wisdom quote about doctors with a painting of Egyptian 18th dynasty doctors by Herbert M. Herget that was originally published in the October 1941 issue of National Geographic.  Herbert M. Herget was a prolific illustrator of the ancient world who died in 1950.  Therefore, this year, being 70 years since his death, his work passes into the public domain. I've ordered a book that contains his work illustrating ancient Egypt, Rome, and Mesopotamia that I will be scanning and uploading to Wikimedia Commons later this year.  In the meantime you can enjoy a number of his Egyptian illustrations uploaded to Flickr by user frostback1.  Under U.S. copyright law they are now in the public domain and can be freely used for teaching, writing, and research.

"The Sand-Dwellers pay a visit" by Herbert M. Herget, "Life, Culture, and History of the Ancient Egyptians."October 1941 issue of National Geographic
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