Thursday, November 18, 2004

Sonar Scan reveals possible Atlantis

TruthNews: "American researcher Robert Sarmast told a news conference in Cyprus that the quest for Atlantis might be finally over. Sonar scanning of the seabed off the Mediterranean island revealed a buried city with what appear to be extensive man-made walls and trenches, matching Plato's description of the Acropolis fortress that once dominated Atlantis.

'As far as the scientists are concerned, they are not able to explain these anomalies on the sea floor,' Sarmast said. 'There are trenches, there are walls, there are river paths, a mile below the waves very, very defined, very visible,

on and around a hill that matches the description of Atlantis with perfect accuracy.'

Sarmast, a 38-year-old architect from Los Angeles, has devoted the past 2 1/2 years to trying to locate Altlantis. He said he and his team found more than 60 points that are a perfect match with Plato's detailed description of the layout of the Acropolis. If more research confirms that what lies beneath the waves is indeed the famed Acropolis, then Sarmast will have hit the ultimate bull's eye in archeology."
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