Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Precise ancient ruler discovered in Iran

Precise ruler from ancient times discovered in Burnt CityArchaeologists recently discovered a 10-centimeter ruler with an accuracy of half a millimeter in the ruins of the 5200-year-old Burnt City.

"During the recent excavation, we found a piece of ebony wood 10 centimeters in length with regular furrows which seemed to be created by a sharp instrument. After several examinations using special tools, we learned that the grooves were carved in lengths of one millimeter and half a millimeter," Mansur Sajjadi, archaeological team leader, added.

"Through more studies, we became certain that the instrument is a ruler which was used by the people of the Burnt City in precision industries."

Experts believe the instrument indicates that the ancient inhabitants of the Burnt City were very adept in mathematics and geometry.

"The people surely used other measuring tools, but such a ruler must have been used for tiny works, since we had already ascertained that the people were very skilled in making handicrafts such as jewelry," Sajjadi said.
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