Monday, January 21, 2008

Possible Himiriate Dynasty Tomb Found in Yemen "Archaeologists have discovered three ancient tombs in the city of Ibb in Yemen, with one believed to belong to a queen from the Hemiriate dynasty.

According to a report in Yemen Observer, an archaeological team from Ibb made the discovery in a rocky room, around five meters deep and about 3 meters wide, located in the al-Usaibyah area of the al-Sadda district of Ibb.

The room contained large pieces of alabaster, each piece around 150 cubic centimeters. The room also contained a 20 centimeter bronze belt.

"The discovery in al-Ausaibyah came about after two tribes began fighting about the discovery the tombs. When local authorities intervened to resolve the conflict between the two tribes, they discovered the tomb," said Dr. Abdullah Ba-Wazir, head of the General Authority of Antiquities and Museums.

Information obtained from local sources suggests that one of the tombs might belong to a woman of royal legacy – maybe a queen or a princess. The finding of golden jewels in this particular tomb further strengthened this idea.

Jewels were also found in the other two tombs. In addition, a bronze spear was found in a second tomb and a 70-centimeter sword in a third tomb.

According to the report, the royal tomb is designed in a rare architectural style.

"The site is a royal grave built in an artistic style indicating that the grave is of an important political person, presumably a woman," said Ba-Wazir. “It may belong to the Himiriat period,” he added.

Authorities have also sent a specialized archaeological team in addition to the team from Ibb. They are to do rescue excavations at the site at which the bronze coffin was found.

According to Ba-Wazir, the team will document all the antiques and other items discovered at the site.

The coffin will be sent to the Ibb city museum for further preliminary preservation. Some scientific archaeological institutes will be contacted as well, so their experts can inspect and determine the chronological age of the decaying body."
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